In our aesthetics course we learned about important principals and fundamentals in the Fibroblast Plasma Lift Skin Tightening procedure. We learned how to create basic lifting patterns, how to incorporate darts in first objective sites, and how to properly outline wrinkles and treat second objective areas for additional tightening and lifting. We came to understand the science behind plasma arcs and the plasma in our blood. We basically learned all the essentials when it comes to Fibroblast and how to incorporate this knowledge and skill into a profitable business.

In the Fibroblast mini courses, we will go beyond the basics of plasma lifts and come to discover new possibilities and techniques in treating shallow wrinkles, how to close acne scars and stretch marks. We will learn to create detailed pattern work that allows us to treat multiple objectives at the same time. We will discover new ways to better manage pain that is associated with this procedure. We will learn new ways to treat and lift areas of the body and we will understand how to properly use the Fibroblast kit’s secondary tip for hyperpigmentation, moles, skin tags, and wart removal. 

We at decided that it was best to offer these advanced fibroblast courses as individual mini courses focusing on one or two areas at a time, so that we can truly come to understand what each area has in common as well as their differences that require a different approach altogether. 


With our client in the video, we begin prepping the skin by sanitizing the area of treatment, in this case, the upper eyelids. We sanitize outside of the treatment area a bit, just to prevent cross-contamination, Your client is spending a good amount of money on this procedure, so do your best to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Use a generous amount of numbing cream on the area to be treated. Cover the cream with plastic wrap for 20-30 minutes to be sure the area is sufficiently numbed. 


Remove plastic wrap only from the area you are about to work on. Wipe the cream away so that you can have a good grip on the area while using your plasma pen. Starting a few millimeters away from the top lash line, begin laying your grid pattern. Gently stretch the upper eyelid so that the 5-Point Method can be evenly distributed along the skin. If the skin was not spread apart, most of the folds would obscure the area that needed to be treated. If needed, outline a wrinkle with a wax pen and then stretch the skin. This client had extreme sensitivity in the crease area, so we applied more numbing and will return to finish the crease later. 

For her crows feet we stretched the skin and placed our dots around the crease edge. We avoided the inner eye area because it is extremely sensitive and we will likely get sufficient tightening in that area simply by treating her crow's feet. This client has a permanent makeup tattoo on her eyebrow, so we will avoid it because the plasma pen will remove the pigment. We fanned out her dots along the temples and hairline, spacing them much further apart.


For the client's left side we begin by removing the plastic wrap from the upper eyelid and wiping off the numbing cream. Stretch the skin and begin the 5-Point Method. Remember to wear a mask to avoid irritation from the vapors. If your arc begins to die down, wipe your needle off. For a client's first session it may be best to space the dots a little further apart if the pain is extremely uncomfortable. If they are doing well with the pain you can be a bit more aggressive and space the carbon crusts closer together. 

Sometimes the client's wrinkles will flatten out when they are laying down. You can use a wax pen to mark the wrinkle path so that when they are laying down you can be precise in your pattern execution. If needed you can go back in to areas that may have gaps and fill them in with a few zaps from the plasma pen. 

Your client's pain level can increase depending on where they are in their monthly cycle and even body temperature. If your client is cold, pain will be more pronounced, so make sure they are comfortable. Once the plasma pen treatment is completed, apply a light layer of numbing cream to assist with the pain. 


The natural cell turnover rate is about 28 days, so they will begin to see more dramatic results about a month after the procedure. Instruct the client to ice the area to calm the inflammation and swelling. If they have taken Benadryl or ibuprofen in the past, they can take these medications during the healing process to manage pain and swelling. The treated area will be extremely sensitive to the sun and more likely to burn, even several months out. Make sure your client is aware that this area will need an SPF 30 and above at all times.

Kit Preparation

A proper table setup is always key to a successful procedure. Keep in mind all of your available tools. To keep the Fibroblast Pen as sanitary as possible, it is a good idea to keep the pen wrapped up in a protector.

CROWS FEET #2: Full Procedure

We are going to be tightening the skin on her upper eyelid. Don't go into the area between the eye and the nose. Also avoid the tips of the eyelids, you don't want uneccessary inflammation.


When prepping the skin for fibroblast procedures we use green soap, a gentle cleanser that is used before many tattoo procedures. We want to sanitize the area without drying it or causing irritation, so we would not use alcohol-based soap. Apply your numbing cream and let it sit for 20-30 minutes under plastic wrap. The abdominal area is very sensitive and needs adequate time to be fully numbed.


Now that our client is numbed, we begin wiping a small portion of the numbing cream away. We leave the rest of the numbing cream on until we are ready to work on that area. This client has loose skin around the belly button. That area will be our first objective site, so we will place our dots close together. Use the 3-Point Stretch to make sure you are treating the entire area. On the outer edge of our treatment area the dots are less dense and gradually taper off from the treatment area to prevent puckering.

Skin Blemish Removal

Here is a different application of the Fibroblast Pen, used to destroy skin blemishes easily. Make sure, as in all procedures, you have applied your numbing cream in advanced.

Quick Skin Tag Removal

Here's another application of the Fibroblast Pen, quickly and easily removing skin tags. Get yourself a pair of tweezers to slightly pull up the tag, so that the Fibroblast Pen can burn the attached skin underneath. Like the other procedures, pull the pen away every few milliseconds while burning for a safe and gradual effect.

Skin Tag Removal Procedure

Here's a procedure with many skin tags. Be sure to use numbing on all the areas, some tags can be more sensitive than others. Continue the procedure patiently from what you've learned previously, and proceed on.

After Care Refresher

Remember to apply a light layer of numbing ointment to your client before they leave. Ice packs are their best defense against swelling, but ibuprofen and Benadryl are also helpful. Remind your client to not pick at the scabs and keep them moist with a natural oil or petroleum jelly. Stress the importance of wearing sunblock over the treated area as it will be more sensitive to the sun.

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