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ADD MORE REVENUE with our comprehensive Online training course IN HOUSTON TEXAS


Easy to Learn

Designed for clarity and engagement, our course makes learning Botox techniques straightforward, even for beginners. 

Fast Certification 

Achieve your certification in just 2-4 weeks, quickly stepping into the thriving field of aesthetic medicine.

Elevate Your Earnings

Aquire in-demand skills to offer Botox treatments, significantly increasing your income potential. 

What You Will Get 

Expert Training Support

Professional guidance throughout your learning journey. 

365 Day Access to Course

Flexible learning with one-year access to all course materials. 
Interactive Worksheets 
Deepen your knowledge with detailed study aids. 

Live Demonstrations 

Visualize real-world techniques through engaging live demos. 
8-Lesson Training Course
Covering all key aspects of Botox application. 

Course Certification
Get certification when you finish the online class successfully



Step 1: 

Online Training

Start with our flexible online course, tailored to fit into your busy schedule. Spanning 30 to 90 days, this foundational segment covers all theoretical aspects of Botox injections, ensuring you're well-prepared for practical application.

Step 2:

In-Person Session

After completing the online portion, attend a 5-hour in-person training in Houston, Texas. This session focuses on hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced professionals, allowing you to refine your technique and gain confidence.

Step 3: 

Get Certified

Upon successful completion of both the online and in-person training, you'll receive your certification, marking your readiness to embark on your aesthetics career journey with the skills and knowledge to thrive.

What You Will Learn In The Course

You will learn areas on the face and other skills, such as:

  • Frontalis

  • Crow's Feet Injection

  • Perioral Lines Injection

  • Masseter Muscle

  • Glabellar Lines

  • About Neurotoxin

  • Facial Musculature

  • Injection Techniques

  • Pricing the treatment

  • Client Consultation

Before & After

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How long does the course take to complete? 

The course is designed to be completed in 2-4 weeks. This flexible timeline allows you to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. 

What kind of feedback will I receive during the course? 

You'll receive detailed, personal feedback on your practical work from our expert instructors. This feedback is crucial for honing your skills and building confidence. 

How can I legally acquire neurotoxin for training purposes? 

We provide guidance on legally sourcing neurotoxin, including information on reputable suppliers and legal considerations in your state or region. 

What are the licensing prerequisites for taking this course?

Typically, you need to be a registered nurse or have a similar medical background or higher. We recommend consulting your local medical board for specific licensing requirements in your area. 
Are there any live sessions or is the course completely self-paced?
The course primarily consists of self-paced learning materials. However, we also offer live demonstrations and interactive sessions for a more comprehensive learning experience. 
What specific areas of neurotoxin application will I learn?
You'll learn to treat various areas of neurotoxin application including the forehead (frontalis), between the eyebrows (glabellar lines), around the eyes (crow's feet), around the mouth (perioral lines), and jawline contouring (masseter muscle). 

Are there any support options available after course completion? 

Yes, we offer ongoing support to our graduates. This includes access to advanced training materials, networking opportunities, and guidance on establishing your practice. 

Can international students enroll in the course?

Yes, international students are welcome to enroll. However,  they should verify the compatibility of our training with the regulations and licensing requirement of their respective countries. 

What is the 7-day risk-free trail? 

The 7-day risk-free trail allows you to enroll and pay for our Neurotoxin Training Course with the assurance that you can receive a full refund if you choose to opt out within the first seven days. This means you'll have complete access to all course materials and can fully participate as if you were a regular student. if, within this trial period, you decide the course isn't suitable for you or doesn't meet your expectations, you can request a full refund, making this an entirely risk-free opportunity to evaluate the course. 
Is there any certification provided at the end of the course?
Upon successful completion, you'll receive a certificate acknowledging your proficiency in neurotoxin application, enhancing your professional credibility. 
What payment options are available for the course? 
We offer various payment options, including one-time payment and installment plans, to suit different financial needs.  
How up-to-date is the course material? 
Our curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the latest techniques, trends and standards in aesthetic medicine - ensuring you receive the most current education. 

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