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Get BBP and Safety & Sanitation Certified Quickly Online! 

To protect workers against health hazards the United State government developed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA.  

OSHA created federal regulations for workers to comply with whose occupation poses a high risk of becoming exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials. The Bloodborne Pathogens federal standard 29 CFR 1910.1030, distributed by OSHA, directs safeguards to help protect workers and reduce their exposure to health hazards such as but not limited to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, West Nile Virus, HIV, Malaria, etc. 

Aesthetic Medicine Academy (AMA) offers an online course, training, and certification all in compliance with laws and regulations set forth by OSHA in regards to Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP). It is necessary to become knowledgeable in the proper actions and procedures to take while handling hazardous materials or when exposed to blood. It is necessary to protect yourself and others while working with bloodborne pathogens. The United States and numerous other countries require those who pose a high risk of exposure to blood and bloodborne pathogens to become certified. 

For those outside of the United States, it is important to first check your laws and regulations first. AMA’s course and training are accredited worldwide. 

Certain companies and employers may require employees to become certified in bloodborne pathogens. This course can also satisfy these requirements. 

Who Will Need to Become Certified in BBP?

Workers whose duties will potentially incite “reasonably anticipated” encounters to a steady exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. 

This includes:

- School and Day Care Staff
- Healthcare Workers
- Aesthetics Professionals
- Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Artists
- Cleaning and Janitorial Staff
- Emergency Responders 

This BBP course compliments and serves as a fitting addition to Sterilization and Disinfection and Infection Control training. All three courses bring a holistic understanding and knowledge in the proper safety standards. 

Once successfully completed, this course and training includes certification. Your certificate will be emailed to you using the email you provided. 

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Aesthetic Medicine Academy (AMA) high recommends each member, students, or organization to research their local legislation. It is solely your responsibility to check and clarify regulations and rules in your county, city, state, and country. This includes but is not limited to: performing procedures and certification. Check your local governing boards to certify the validity of your certification and the acceptance for the purpose of submission. (I.E. Certain governing boards will require pre-approved agencies for compliance. Ask and obtain a list of agencies that are accepted prior to your purchase.) AMA does not claim liability or responsibility for any and all legal encounters with regards to regulations, licensing, or other legal issues pertaining to the operations and practices. 

Information should be researched and completed prior to your purchase. AMA is not held accountable or responsible for purchases completed without prior knowledge resulting in attempted exchanges or returns. As stated in AMA’s Refund Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, “All Sales Are Final” for any and all purchases made from AMA, under any and all circumstances.


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